How do I set up a personal cloud from my Intel Mac?

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How do I set up a personal cloud from my Intel Mac?

I want/need to set up my own cloud storage, hosted from on of my may macs.  Pretty much everything I have is pre-Catalina (as in Sierra or lower).  I realy like OwnCloud and want something similar to this but until I can set up a Raspberry Pi to do this, I need a better option.  Since all their server software sees to not be made for Mac (although the clients are) I am stuck.


Tonido looked like a good solution but you can no longer download their software and are puched to FileCloud (which is a pay-based thing AND will not run on the old legacy systems...)


So how can I take a mac and use it to host my own cloud server without some pre-built package?  How do I access my home Mac from out on the internet?  I cannot be the first so who can teach me?



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SyncThing does mutli-device

SyncThing does mutli-device syncing, and doesn't require a server. If you wanted to make your files accessible to a not-synced device, you could set up one of your Macs as a file server using another protocol (SMB, SFTP, whatever), and share the synced folder.

I self-host NextCloud (ownCloud fork) and am very happy with it. Personally, I'd install Linux and use that. Or even install in a VM, if that was the only option.

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