I appreciate this article.it let me learn more

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I appreciate this article.it let me learn more


recently,it was cold and rainny day for one week.I couldn't go outside.all I wanna do is investigate.lasttime I posted article from electric forum.one of cyberfriend discuss this topic.I replied it that I failed and can't boot from computer.so I've got an answer.you didn't input data to pic16f626 or pic16f630.so you failed.oh,it remind me.so I send ic to this cyberfriend.he assist me.when I took this one.and investigated again.I was successful.and now,I really appreciate this article writer.it let me can solve apple II ascII keyboard problem,so I appreciate forum cyberfirend.without your remind,maybe,I can't finish working for my lifetime.I have been sent mail to this article writer.but no respond mail.so I post it and thx for everyone.