I have 36 pieces of AAA2801P-06 memory chips total ~1 Meg of RAM as a set

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I have 36 pieces of AAA2801P-06 memory chips total ~1 Meg of RAM as a set


I have 36 pieces of  AAA2801P-06  used memory chips ... totaling ~1 Meg of RAM as a set. The brand and date code and manufacturing country marked on them is:  NMBS  8921  JAPAN. I used them as I recall for maybe a year or two before I decided to upgrade an old machine's memory card and memory to more memory.

I took them out of a memory card's 16 pin sockets in an old computer I owned way back when, when I did a memory upgrade for that machine. I know longer have the card or the machine.  But I always have saved memory chips if removable from sockets, as these were. The memory worked fine back then and only pulled the card and the chips out to upgrade my memory on that machine. But since these have been not been in use for a couple decades and have been in the protective tubes the new memory came in back then years ago, and in my cellar for over 30 years, I can make no guarantees or warranty that they are all still OK. I assume they still work but cannot say they do as I have no way to individually test them. So I'm selling them AS-IS an on a non-returnable, non-refundable basis.

I'm offering them here first as sort of a "matched set" that was in a memory card together at one time, to whomever would want them as a set, and we can come to a mutually acceptable price. I see these same legacy chips being sold on eBay at times individually and a few at a time at prices from a few dollars each to one fellow I saw a few days ago wanting $32 for just one. But that fellow said his singular IC was brand new, if one can believe new stock with 1980's date codes on it are still out there. Mine of course are used.

I'd rather sell them all as a set to someone who can use them as a set, or wants if they wished to, to re-sell them one or a few at a time on eBay for a possible gain. I personally don't want to sell them a few at a time that way. I'm not an active eBay seller. So I thought I'd try a listing here as a relatively new member of this forum.

I live in Emmaus PA USA and the shipping mode and price and payment method would also have to be negotiated depending on where the buyer is located and how it is shipped. If I get no offers here then I'll give it a try on eBay and put the whole set up for sale there and see what offers I get there for the whole set.

Private message me if interested.