I have a problem

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I have a problem

does anyone know how to use ADB mouse to apple II??? I have read some articles. but I don't know how to experiment it. can you teach me or give me these links or websites?? thx

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Re: I have a problem


To my knowledge, it's not possible without a IIGS.

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Re: I have a problem

he was misunderstanding and believing that ps2 and ADB is same...... IT´s NOT!
You can not use PS2 adapter for ADB Mouse !
PS2 adaptor is only for keyboard not for mouse !
Only way to use mouse at Apple II: Mouse adaptorcard and mouse with DB9 connector !
Before starting experiments by expanding apple II you MUST learn Basic about Firmware of Apple !
Firmware of Apple II does not support use of mouse !
First time Apple added support of Mouse to computer
was at Apple II series with release of enhancement ROM set of Apple IIe !
So using mouse at Apple II you at least need Apple II Mouse interface card with
Firmware ROM on interfacecard.

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Re: I have a problem

There's no ADB cards as far as I know but I've been thinking about trying this conversion in the new year
Thought it'd look neat beside the IIgs keyboard I rewired to connect to a IIe

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