II/II Plus daughterboard Keyboard 25 pin connector replacement question

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II/II Plus daughterboard Keyboard 25 pin connector replacement question

I'm looking for a place to buy a keyboard connector, not the male side on the daughterboard but the female 25 pin connector on keyboard that the daughterboard connects into.

Does anyone know a digikey or mouser part number that works? Actually any source I can order one and not have to spend a fortune in line item minimums would be good.


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Re: II/II Plus daughterboard Keyboard 25 pin connector ...

nowadays these connectors are used for mounting "piggy-back"-PCBs to another PCB and they are commonly used with developmentkits and in electronic prototyping... so there are several different kinds of them from different suppliers... the term for nowaday use is: "PCB-connectors"... and they are availiable in different shapes and the source to buy from may be found at internet or google by using the term of "PCB-connector"
just as example:
and there are lot of other too...
and they will gladly reply to email which local store sells their products...

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