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I have a Macintosh IIsi that needs a ROM SIMM it seems. It will not boot, it shows only a grey screen.

I have looked for months trying to figure out if any other ROM will work with the IIsi, because I have not been able to get a hold of a IIsi rom.

If anyone knows where I can get a IIsi ROM or a rom that will work with the IIsi I would be grateful.

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Re: IIsi ROM

The IIsi shouldn't need a rom SIMM, mine never had one.

Have you tried swapping around RAM modules, taking of any PDS cards, playing with SCSI IDs?

If you get a grey screen then something has loaded, certainly. No ROM would cause it to stay black.

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Re: IIsi ROM

The IIsi shouldn't need a rom SIMM, mine never had one..

IIRC the early IIsi's used a ROM SIMM, while later ones had the ROM integrated into the board (but kept the SIMM slot for whatever reason). In fact, if memory serves a popular upgrade for the Mac SE was to swap in a IIsi ROM SIMM so the system could be 32-bit clean.

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