Intermittent failure to boot, sometimes good, sometimes not

I am attempting to resurrect an Apple ][e that has been stoted in a box. It looks fine, no mold, no dampness. It has 2 Apple 5.25 floppies. When I put it away in 1992, it woeked perfectly.  The check of motherboard (open apple/closed apple boot gave "system ok").  Sometimes the computer boots with one of either of the drives.  It will boot from either PR#6 or 7.  The drive spins up and sometimes it "clicks" and reads and sometimes not.  It works or not works with either a DOS 3.3 system, ProDos (both original Apple disks) or copies.  I can sometimes boot Locksmith, Apple Writer from original or copies.  They work and next time they do not.  I ran speed test,  alignment tests read/write test, and both drives pass.  I cleaned heads with alcohol and blew out drives with canned air.  I reseated all the memory, reseated the discontroller card, cleaned the contacts.  Same results. I stripped the computer down to slot zero Ramworks, 1 drive controller, nothing else.  Same results; intermittant boot.  Any suggestions?

 I am looking for a 5.25 cleaning disk hoping I will not have to make one.  I wonder if the read/write head has some iron oxide floating around in that area interferring. Currently in Philadelphia.

I have a large amount of software which I would be happy to share


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