Introduction ... and prom programming services

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Introduction ... and prom programming services

Hello, my name is Stephan ,  and I'm from Ottawa, Canada.

I discovered this site while doing some research on Apple-1 proms.


I'm an 1980's teenager, and spent that decade either in the arcades

or programming my Commodore-64 or Apple IIc .

I'm 40 yrs "older" now, ...but never really let go of the 80's


My basement is home to several classic arcade games (PacMan, Defender, Pole Position, Robotron, etc...)

and a pile of vintage Commodore and Apple computers.


To help maintain all this old gear, I started programming old proms and eproms about 20 years ago.

In 2004 I started to offer my programming services on-line,

and while this is still just a "hobby" , I've amassed quite a wealth of knowledge

... and stock of old proms and eproms.


My goal in joining this site is to contribute what I can

while seeking the knowledge of others. 

I was initially drawn to this post:


Like I said, I have a farily extensive stock of old proms and eproms,

and can likely provide almost any device/chip for which there is a programmable BIN file.


I'm happy to respond to any messages or e-mails.