Issues with floppy drives (MITAC & LASER)

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Issues with floppy drives (MITAC & LASER)

Bought some floppy drives several months ago and these have been sitting in the shipping box until today.


It's half height drives (1 x MITAC AD-3C and 2 x LASER FD 100). I quite like and prefer these type of slim drives both because of the physical size but also that normally these drives are quite noisy when moving the heads which I prefer.


The MITAC AD-3C have been hooked up as drive #2 and the I've copied a diskette and the drive has written properly and I'm able to boot/read the diskette in drive #1 afterwards (my usual floppy drive) although the speed is *way* of the center (measured with NAII). Anyone has experience of this type of drive and knows if the speed can (and should?) be adjusted? Build quality etc. seems good.


The other 2 x LASER FD 100 drives don't move the heads (actually the step motor in both of the drives is totally silent and never recalibrates back to track zero). Anyone of you who have experience of this issue with these floppy drives?


Otherwise all 3 drives are in good cosmetical condition and everything apart from the above issues seems to work properly.


I think the seller stated that the drives were supposed to work, but it's always a gamle, isn't it? :-)