Keycap new for Apple II keyboard

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Keycap new for Apple II keyboard


Hello, with the help of some friends, we are going to build an Apple II Replica.

For the keyboard, I need the keycaps. I'm searching on Aliexpress but I can't find anything similar. Where can I buy them? I deduce that it is possible to buy them, since on eBay I have seen that they sell "Datanetics Rev B replica" keyboards. I just need the keycaps. Have any of you bought new ones?



En español :

Hola, con la ayuda de unos amigos, vamos a montar un Apple II Replica .

Para el teclado, necesito las keycaps . Estoy buscando en Aliexpress pero no encuentro parecidas. Dónde puedo comprarlas ? Deduzco que es posible comprarlas, pues en eBay he visto que venden teclados "Datanetics Rev B replica" . Sólo necesito las keycaps . Alguno de ustedes ha comprado nuevas ?




These are thePCB that we have recently obtained.



These are the ones I find on Aliexpress...




This is an eBay ad... 

( I know... it's an Apple-1 replica keyboard )





( I use a translator, that is the reason why I write strangely )


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I have the correct keycaps

I have the correct keycaps for this keyboard.  Message me.  Howeve, they do cost quite a bit more than the ali-express keycaps, because they are a special order from Signature Plastics.  If you want to order your own keycaps, or customize the keycaps, you can use the following spreadsheet as a starting point:


Your photo shows only the keyboard PCB, but you will also need the aligner PCB and the encoder PCB:


Good luck,



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