Kim's Hyperion 512 CRASHES

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Kim's Hyperion 512 CRASHES

I acquired as Hyperion 512K card from a third party, made by Kim a while back. Yesterday was the first day that I tried to use it, in place of a Saturn 128, or Lang card, and I must report that it is unreliable. Abouit 40% odf the time, ProDOS 2.4.2 loaded, the rest of the time it wither crashed before finishing launch, or alishtly thereafter. 


Am I missing something?! 


I installed it in Slot 0, and I had a full bank of normal 48K RAM. The LEDs on the card illuminated, indicating that it was in use, but it still crashed more than half of the time. 


A normal language card works speledidly w/o issues. 

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I would let Ian Kim know

I would let Ian Kim know.  He would certainly be interested to know this, maybe offer you a resolution.

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