LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

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LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

I have a LaserWriter 12/640 printer, which I bought at a yard sale many years ago. Copies were not as perfect as I knew they could be, until recently when I found a replacement toner cartridge on craigslist, remanufactured by Apple, and now I get beautiful, crisp black and white copies. However, after I changed my connection to my it to my PowerBook G4, I can no longer figure out how to make it stop printing the test page every time I turn it on. An Apple tech walked me through connecting it via ethernet, but it doesn't have the actual drivers. Does anyone know how I could stop wasting all this paper?

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Re: LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

Leave it turned on all the time?

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Re: LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

If you don't mind the extra $50+ per month... sure. Smile

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Re: LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

ever considering about pulling out the papertray ;-p ?

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