LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

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LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

I have a LaserWriter 12/640 printer, which I bought at a yard sale many years ago. Copies were not as perfect as I knew they could be, until recently when I found a replacement toner cartridge on craigslist, remanufactured by Apple, and now I get beautiful, crisp black and white copies. However, after I changed my connection to my it to my PowerBook G4, I can no longer figure out how to make it stop printing the test page every time I turn it on. An Apple tech walked me through connecting it via ethernet, but it doesn't have the actual drivers. Does anyone know how I could stop wasting all this paper?

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Re: LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

Leave it turned on all the time?

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Re: LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

If you don't mind the extra $50+ per month... sure. Smile

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Re: LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer

ever considering about pulling out the papertray ;-p ?

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The good news.

The good news is I remember back from the day some business pinrters had that as an option since they was suspose to stay on all the time and go into power save mode. Sure enough that printer has that option. But I cannot of yet find how to turn it off. I would just look for the manual if I was you. Another thing you can try if you have an ethernet port on it. Find out what ip number the printer has and see if you can access it from a web browser. If you can get into the printer. You can probably hunt around and find it in the menu to turn it off.





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Use the LaserWriter Utility 
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