Long time reader. First time poster.

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Long time reader. First time poster.

My first Apple, back in 1983 when I was 11, was an Apple II Plus that I inherited when my granddaddy upgraded to a IIe. Thus began my lifelong use of Apple computers. I worked for years as a web designer and developer working exclusively on Macs and am now the co-owner of a brand studio in which my entire team uses Macs.

Anyhow, years ago, when I began building a II Plus, I developed an interest in the Apple-1. This led to me buying and building a replica 1 ten which I used for years with minicom over the serial connection.

Well, I'm proud to say that I recently bought one of NewtonMike's Datanetics keyboard replicas and mounted both to a piece of hobby maple plywood. I'm pleased with results, but I'd love to hear what the group thinks.

Also, I'd love to know where I should go from here. My aim is to learn as much as I can about the Apple-1, how it was used when it was first released, and how it's being used today.




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A case!

Hello! I am relatively new as well, its been a nice time being on the forum.

My vote is you should look into making a case! One that perfectly fits your replica ten or maybe one that could fit a full sized replica one day if you like! Perhaps even a Gen2 ACI so you can load and save programs with it.

The recreation of the manuals are always nice to have as well, definitely a great source of information for learning about the Apple-1.

Happy tinkering!


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Hi jp1971!

Do you care so much about what others think? If you feel you need more than this small fee, then get to work! The guys here are all good, we'll help you if you have any problems. And if everything is fine the way it is now, why fill your head with imaginary problems...?

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And here's my monitor...

I added a 10" Beetronics 4:3 monitor to my system over the weekend. Slots on the bottom of the monitor slide onto screws I added to the platform.

Also, given that the 16-pin IC sockets are facing in opposite directions, I replaced the ribbon connector with bundled jumper wires.

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