Looking For Imagewriter LQ Info

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Looking For Imagewriter LQ Info

I've purchased an Imagewriter LQ dot-matrix printer, got it to work (after some troubleshooting) and I'm looking to get some information about it so I can make a YouTube video about it. It's a wide-format 27-pin printer that is capable of printing color using a multicolor ribbon and has a wide array of paper-handling options including an optional single-sheet feeder that is expandable to handling 3 types of forms, selectable in software. It can be connected to an Appletalk network with an optional card.

This model came out in 1987 but never became popular and very few were sold. There is virtually no useful info online that is discoverable through a google search. Thankfully I have a manual, but it does not answer these questions:

- how many LQ's did Apple manufacture? for comparison how many Imagewriter IIs were manufactured?
- what was the list price? What about the list price for the single sheet feeder option?
- can it detect whether a color or b&w is installed and how?

Since I believe the Imagewriter LQ was targeted at 68K macs, I've posted in this forum.