Looking for Tom Owad

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Looking for Tom Owad

I had the Seiko watch that interfaced with the IIE and I got the impression that he still had some.

I used the forum to contact him but have not gotten a reply. If anyone knows his email can you send him a message to contact me.

This is the only place that is aware of the UC-2001 Datagraph watch by Seiko! I lost mine in 60' of water! I loved that watch. I'm thinking it did a lot more than most people gave it credit for. I remember having my customer database on the watch.

I donated my collection to a museum at University of Missouri St. Louis a couple years ago. It's called Grace's Place in honor of a black computer technician way back before personal computers. Included were a II, IIE, IIE enhanced (mine with 1 meg. 3 1/2" drive, and the Datalink for the watch, and some other goodies. Publications included Incider, A2 Central, and Naug.

I was last on here in 2008 and apologize for not answering the four messages back then!

You might say I was a "computerholic"! The last time I fell off the wagon was a Compac Ipaq. It has a camera, hard drive, expanded memory, piano tuning program, music synthesizer. The computer I'm using right now doesn't even have a sound card!

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Re: Looking for Tom Owad

I worked for Seiko.

IMHO forget about it.

Just giving you the inside scoop.

Sorry. Sad

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Re: Looking for Tom Owad

Tom's e-mail address is owad@applefritter.com.

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