Lots of AppleII and Mac goodies available for pickup in Queens, NYC

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Lots of AppleII and Mac goodies available for pickup in Queens, NYC

I'm planning on moving out of state in a couple of months, and I have a whole bunch of odds and ends in my classic mac collection that are just dead weight to me at this point but that someone with an interest could definitely get use out of. Among the items being offered:

- Two LaserWriter II laser printers (untested)
- A LaserWriter
- Two ImageWriters
- Several ImageWriter IIs
- A //c -- video output isn't running right - could be a great deal if you're willing to repair
- Several AppleDesign ADB keyboards and ADB Mouse IIs
- Several Apple Keyboard IIs
- A PowerMac 7100/66 (in need of repair)
- A Macintosh IIvx (in need of repair)
- Two PowerMacintosh 7200/120s (no drives, RAM or VRAM and one of the two needs a processor card, but if you scrounge up the missing parts for cheap on ebay these would probably work a treat)
- An empty Macintosh IIsi case (not pictured, has a logic board but has horrible irreperable battery leak damage -- would be awesome just as decor or for a case mod or something though)

This stuff needs to go, so I'm basically giving it away to make my life easier -- you could probably make a few bucks just flipping the keyboards on ebay seeing as the mechanical keyboard craze has created a market for retro keyboards. That said, I would appreciate at least a token couple of bucks if you can swing it. Either way, if you see something that strikes your fancy just shoot me a PM and we'll schedule a time for you to swing by and pick up some cool junk.