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M0401 Monitor

I am a radio guy with limited computer knowledge and No Apple knowledge.  I don't know if I'm in the right forum but looking for help!

I recently aqiured a Apple II Plus and a Apple IIc and have them working.  With them came a M0401 Monitor. It appears to me that this monitor is not comapatble with the II Plus or the IIc.  I would like to test it but how?  

 It came with a connector adapter:  a two row DB15 male to a three row HD15 male (VGA). Using this I connected it to a Windows PC VGA port and no display was visible.  The monitor has some life in it.  Switching it on illuminates the green light, it makes a good power supply grunt noise and after a minute a faint blue screen can be seen (visible only in a totally dark room). The brightness and contrast controls have no effect.  I detect the common static field on the screen. Pressing the degauss button produces a thump sound and the display ripples.

It appears this monitor may be of interest to some Apple collectors and if so, I would like to make it available.  Given the shipping costs of this beast it would be nice to know if it is working before listing it. Any assistance you might provide would be appreciated. Can it be easily tested with a Windows PC, VGA port? 


Thanks, Pat

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You are correct that it is

You are correct that it is not compatible with a II+ or //c.  That monitor is not for an Apple II at all, it is for a Mac like a Mac II.  It is designed for a fixed frequency 640x480 output and usually driven by a NuBus card.  I don't even a  of a way to use it with a //e with RGB card or IIgs.





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