Mac or Mac II Classic Question.

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Mac or Mac II Classic Question.

Not sure if this is the correct forum or not , if not , I appologize in advance.... I am looking for an older Mac Classic , this model was the one that would like a user install a emulator card in the back to allow the user to boot up 5 1/4 Apple II floppies? The Apple Card ? Not sure of it's actual name . I know the one that I had at one time was a Classic or Mac Classic II . I was able to plug in a Disk ][ to the back on the unit , bootup a small floppy for the mac that had the Apple II emulator program on it , and from that point on was able to PR# the drive and run Apple II programs on it .

If you guys could point me into the right direction on what to look for that would be awesome . ALSO the Emulator program that I had on one of the original small floppy disks for the mac went bad on me :o( Hope fully someone can get me one?

Thanks again guys...


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Re: Mac or Mac II Classic Question.

Hello Patrick

The card is Apple IIe Card (Apple Computer part #820-0444-A) -

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