Mac Plus Squeaky Analog Board

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Mac Plus Squeaky Analog Board



I was just reading a very helpful post about the Classic II that needed caps - and it directed me to console5, allowing me to find the correct caps for my Mac Plus. 

Question for you all: My Plus will make a high pitched whine after about 20-30 minutes of being on. I've had the Mobo recapped, and I had the power supply checked a few years ago, and obviously something else is afoot. By chance, I notice that the whine stops when pressure is applied to the power switch, as I was turning it off. So, does the analog need recapping, or perhaps just reflowing the solder? Also, I've heard the fly back transformers go bad, could that be the noise I'm hearing? And, if you think so, where could I buy a fly back? 



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If the caps on the analog

If the caps on the analog board are original, replacing them certainly can't hurt, though I'd be surprised if that was the source of the noise.

I think reflowing any suspect solder joints would be an excellent first step. Also, if the Rifa-branded main filter cap is still present, replace it with a modern equivalent -- those caps are notorious for failing in spectacular fashion.

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