Mac10 ext. HDD Pinout & drivers needed :D

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Mac10 ext. HDD Pinout & drivers needed :D

Hi Friends,


I just dig out my old MAC10 (by Paradise Systems Inc.) external serial hard drive. It once came with my Macintosh 512k. Sadly I can't find it's serial data cable anymore after our last moving in 2019 :( 

Does somebody has the same drive and/or can tell me the serial pinout/wiring to get it hooked up on a Mac 128/512k?

I want to solder me a new data cable ;)  ... a common serial 1to1 cable doesn't work. :/ 


Ah and if someone may also has the service/user manual and a dump of the drivers diskette - this would be rocking awesome :D 

...Google didn't help information found about this thing - nowhere :(


Many thanks :D

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I suggest asking Herb Johnson

I suggest asking Herb Johnson (


he may have cables for this drive. I never owned one, only HD20s. 

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