Making a weather radar app for Power PC

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Making a weather radar app for Power PC

I bought my first iMac for $20 and it was a G5 17 inch with no addons or any fun trinkets other than it and a cable. I've since gotten an iBook G4 and 2 tray loading G3 machines. I love my G5, but it's lack of software always saddened me. I made an account here, using that exact G5 (I pray that's safe on interweb PPC LOL), and now want to know if there would be any support to a PowerPC Live weather radar. Like i'm talking a window, with just the NWS Doppler radar open, that auto reloads, so it's a pure weather app you can have in the background. I used Interweb PPC for this, but reloading and stuff just because a hassle.

Is there a PowerPC version of Windows forms? I think that would work but that's easy on windows, i've never worked on iMac PowerPCs. I want to fix the holes PowerPC has, and I want to start it with this. How do I make this mess, and would you use it?