I use MESS as my primary Apple 1 emulator because I don’t own an apple 1 replica, nor do I own any type of Apple computer whatsoever. I wanted to be able to load games and programs from the cassette emulation MESS provides but quickly found out .wav files for the Apple 1 emulator were few and far between, and physically typing out several thousand line of code was not an option! Many games I want to play don’t even exist in .wav format!! Microchess is one of those games. The only solution to this problem was simple. I had to learn how to make my own .wav files.

After much searching and a lot of luck I finally found a command line tool that can convert binary code into various types of audio files. That was only half the challenge since I have very little experience working with a command line. This problem was compounded by the fact the documentation that came with the tool was somewhat vague on how to use it. With much experimenting I finally achieved success with a fully working .wav file compatible with the MESS Emulator!

So here is the first game I was successfully able to convert from a hex dump to .wav for use with MESS. Please take note this might also be compatible with other Apple emulators, (OpenEmulator) but it was only meant to work with MESS (version used 0.144.0)

Microchess by Peter Jennings (from Briel Computers Microchess hex code)

Load instructions:


Please feel free to leave a comment, and let me know if this works. I’m also curious if this works on OpenEmulator.

Thank you.

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