Missing names of games from childhood

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Missing names of games from childhood

Hi guys,
some of my earliest memories of Apple computing was playing these 2 games:
I have found one of them to be called Fix-It by Random House (as seen in a previous thread)
the other, all I have are vague memories locked away deep in my brain somewhere... I remember it was an adventure game - I remember an egg in an incubator or something of the like near the start. I also remember you had to find or buy a map of some kind to show ocean currents on an ocean map otherwise your ship was bound to sink near the end of the game. The only other thing I remember was walking around in the desert where you could visit various places (one of them might have been a saloon?). I grew up in New Zealand so perhaps these games were only available there, or to UK audiences as all of our machines were from the UK.
Sorry for the vague description of the second game, but if anyone can help I'd be in debt to them. I'm also interested in obtaining disk images of these games.
Thanks for your time!