Mouse card and MicroDrive/Turbo

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Mouse card and MicroDrive/Turbo

I've had this Apple II mouse card on the shelf for a while and today I decided to install it in my IIe.

The IIe has a MicroDrive/Turbo mass storage device.  Highly recomended, byt the way.

When the Mouse card was installed in slot 4 (it's usually intended slot) the computer booted up to the Applesoft prompt, as if there were no drive connected.

Repeating this with the mouse card in slot 1 yielded the same result.


Has anyone run a Mouse Card with a MicroDrive/Turbo?  

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I've used a Mouse card with a

I've used a Mouse card with a MDT for years. Mouse cards in slot 4 and the MDT in slot 7.

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I've used the same config as

I've used the same config as Wayne, also used the MDT in slot 7 in a IIgs.


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