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Mouse systems mouse

Does anyone else have a Mouse Systems A+ mouse Model M2?
One LED lights up on the bottom but it looks like there should be two lights.

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Re: Mouse systems mouse

I vaguely recall those only works with Macs.

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Re: Mouse systems mouse


Mine needs the "special" included mousepad to work. But it also works on "mouse-capable" Apple II units.

If I remember correctly, the mouse "scans" the shiny mouse pad, so I guess, the "LED" that does not light up is actually the camera...

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Re: Mouse systems mouse

I have the exact same mouse that came with my IIc and it behaves the same way (only one light comes one but it looks like it has two)

I'm very curious if anyone has come up with a solution to replacing the proprietary mousepad. I'd like to get mine working somehow.

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Re: Mouse systems mouse


If you give me a week or so, I'll see if I can dig up a few of the mouse pads. Sun Microsystems used the same type of three button mouse on their systems and I think I squirreled away 1/2 dozen or so of these.

The only problem is that they are at the bottom of a huge pile of hardware stacked in tupperware tubs and I need to "unstack" the stack to get to them.

I did find the following YouTube video that has an accompanying Postscript file that you can print. Don't know if it works or not.


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Re: Mouse systems mouse


All you really need are


Steven Smile

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