Need a few Powerbook 165 parts- anyone have them?

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Need a few Powerbook 165 parts- anyone have them?


I thought I'd step back through time and acquire what was called a "mint" Powerbook 165. I don't usually buy from eBay because often people don't have the technical expertise of myself and others that frequent the Applefritter Site.

The Mint Powerbook 165 that was proported to have "a big hard drive and 14mb's of ram" showed up with 4mb's of ram and the standard 80mb hard drive. Plus The Ring around the trackball is missing its clips so the trackball doesn't stay it's cavity.

So- does anyone have:
1. a 10mb (or even a smaller 8mb) RAM card they could sell for the Powerbook 160-180 series,
2. a Trackball ring with two good clips (I guess I could buy the whole trackball assembly) they'd like to sell,

I once had a few dozen Powerbook 160's laying around in parts and used many things from them when I ran a Apple Powerbook Repair business- but moved onto newer things when the industry moved into new Macs. Now I find I need a simple Letter writing machine!


Todd Naber