New On Apple Fritter

So last week I found this new website called Apple Fritter, and in my excitiement to be part of the club I've already made several posts, that label me as 'noob, , 'dishonest' ,and 'downright moronic'

debated just erasing my account, and never coming back.

but I think I'll just admit my absolute stupidity, and beg for mercy.


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I guess I am not seeing the name calling in any of the posts and I have been on the Fritter for over a year now and no matter what I post, people answer it and are polite. The posts I saw, and I might not have seen all of them, it looks like everyone is giving you good polite advice. Heck you even returned the favor in one of your posts and gave us a link.

I had an Apple IIe back in the day as it was my first computer, but I have still learned a ton from this site.

So I would encourage you to stick with in, keep learning, and ask for help when you need it. As I see it, you are none of those names. I would call you excited and you should be, this stuff is so cool and you can still learn alot even from this old stuff.

Just be careful on eBay, sometimes getting excited on there can cost you alot of money and you get junk and I speak from experience.