Newton issues

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Newton issues

I know this has been discussed before and I am new to this site.But I am in need of a replacement ribbon cable for my Apple Newton EMate 300 screen. The hinge clicked today and at a time that couldnt be any worse as this is my device for Word Processing and email etc. I love this Emate, but now the touch screen doesnt work and I am looking everywhere for small washers that will hold the ends of the springs in place as well.Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone-Walt BAnyone know where I can buy one ? 

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Not extremely helpful, but

Not extremely helpful, but this saddens me. I used an eMate 300 that Apple sent to me years and years ago. It was my favourite Newton system, and I still have the stylus for it. I used it to write a novel. I likely have the original P/Ns, and it is slightly possible that Apple still have them. 23 years ago, but it was such an uncommon machine to service that there may remaiin stock. 


P.S. Bleah, I only now noticed that this was from a bloody year ago, not this year. 

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