NeXT Computer Mini Raspberry pi B3

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NeXT Computer Mini Raspberry pi B3

Hello Applefritterz!
This is my new creation, a Mini Raspberry pi B3 NeXT Computer.
I have rebuilt the logo with an inkjet printer for the little cube black case bought on ebay some years ago and put it central in front of the case after having cutted it by hand with a scrissor and glued it making attention.
I have also rebuilt the NeXT Operating System using the PIXEL Distro for raspberry pi B3. I have removed the pixel logo at bootup make load a startupscreen that i have carefully rebuilt with NeXT logo and made start a terminal to do not see the kernel loading as much as possible.
I have after rebuilt the Desktop wallpaper with gimp watching to match the ecxact color for desktop and menu bar. I have moved the menu NeXT logo to the right and let the menu opening at the left side. I have also installed a dock that can be loaded by the menu with the NeXT logo.

I hope you enjoy it!

Some Photos and Video:

Next Computer Mini Raspberry pi B3 Homepage

NeXT Computer Raspberry B3

NeXT OS Raspberry B3

NeXT OS Desktop Menu

NeXT OS Desktop Dock