NOS 60860RC50 CPUs

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NOS 60860RC50 CPUs

I cam across a large cache of my old stock of 68060RC50 Motorola CPUs. I will be sending them to my employer to list on fleebay, but if anyone wants any before they go up there, I will sell them at 20% off (retail on these is US$400) to forum users who want to play with them. 


These are leftovers from my work with the MVME-17, and I have between 50 and 100 of them. In a few weeks they will be out of my hands and contractually bound to my employer, sold at full retail, so if you want any, now is the time to LMK. 

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Hi, do you know what revision

Hi, do you know what revision they are? Or what is the mask on them?



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