Old Mac stuff 4 Sale

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Old Mac stuff 4 Sale

Hi I'm Anders a new user of AppleFritter

Now in Corona times I,ve starter to clearing my storehouse


I bought on aktions from 1995 to around 5 years ago


Have sold and will sell more on eBays owned site Tradera in Sweden

Plan to sell some on eBay soon

One thing I selling just now is:

Myst Game The Surrealistic Adventure   That Will Become Tour World



And a lot of other stuff


If you are looking for something: Ask

Some have Sweden layout AEK and  AEKII keboards

But have at least one AEK with English layout

Anders Sthlm Sweden 


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Other stuff...

Hi AndersSweden,
I'm looking for the Apple brand Video Overlay Card (with software and manual too), ZipChip accelerators, No-Slot Clocks, Analog/Digital acquisition laboratory cards, and the CFFA card.

I hope you stay healthy in Sweden.

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