Pair of Apple ][+ and Monitor /// with 3 Disk ][, Software, Magazines $500

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Pair of Apple ][+ and Monitor /// with 3 Disk ][, Software, Magazines $500


I inherited my great-uncle's collection of Apple ][ stuff years ago and this forum seems to have the kind of enthusiasts I would prefer to sell to versus fighting eBay, Craigslist, etc...

As far as shipping is concerned, I am in Huntsville, AL. 35802

I would prefer to move this all together, or as a lot of magazines and a lot of ][+s, but understand the extreme nicheness of such a request.

Asking $500 for everything:


1. Apple ][+, Monitor /// (A3m0039) with plastic stand, Two Disk ][ drives

In the picture, these are all of the bagged components on the right. The PC boots, but the W key is registering intermittently. Monitor fires up and seems to work just fine. Contrast control works, but seems to have dirty spots. I have not verified that the drives are working. There is also a loose card that is labelled "Disk II" with a year of 1978 on it.


2. Apple ][+, Monitor /// (A3m0039) with plastic stand, One Disk ][ drives

In the picture, this is the set of components on the left. Monitor seems to function as well as the other, but it is filthy. The PC will fire up, beep, but then display nothing. It has a sticker for "Grappler Powered" and a card added to provide interface with (if I remember correctly) a Mergenthaller VIP. Again, no clue on drive functionality.

3. Two banker's boxes full of software.

Honestly, I have not dug through these. We used to run a newspaper, so they are most definitely for that industry.


4. Apple Magazines

Premier issue of Mac World through mid 1990. My apologies, but the mousepad is no longer available.

Mac User 1985 through 1988

MACazine from 1986

(Please pardon the sock. I just noticed it fell off my boot.)



Thank You,