PAL IIe Colour Monitor - no colour (sort of?)

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PAL IIe Colour Monitor - no colour (sort of?)

Hey all,I have a PAL Apple IIe Colour Composite CRT monitor that's acting strangely. It's refusing to display in any colour but one, aka. it's monochrome, but I can change the overall colour using the bias adjustments pots inside of the case. Take a look:'ve tried it with both a PAL and NTSC PlayStation 1, both display in monochrome (NTSC is expected to be anyway but I thought I'd try it just in case). I've sprayed DeoxIT in all of the front adjustment pots (brightness, contrast, etc.) and tested the colour/monochrome switch to make sure it's fine, and it is.Anybody know what's going on, or at least where I should start? I have a little bit of experience with CRTs but this one escapes me.Cheers,Jordan


EDIT: Nevermind, I'm just stupid. From someone on vogons:

"There is no PAL Apple IIe composite color monitor - The color composite monitor sold with the platinum Apple IIe is NTSC, but color burst frequency is somewhat off from normal NTSC. You won't get color from a platinum "international NTSC" Apple IIe on a normal NTSC TV and you won't get color on the Apple composite color monitor from a normal NTSC source."

Just tried it with my IIe Platinum and it does indeed display in colour.