Pascal Adventure Games book

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Pascal Adventure Games book

I've submitted my scan of the book "Programming Your Own Adventure Games in Pascal" by Richard C. Vile to the Internet Archive. Also included are three disk images which contain the adventures and all the data files in the book, as well as maps for the three adventures. In the book I've made notations to correct a few small bugs and for clarifications. 


The book PDF is here:

The disk images and maps are here:


I'm not sure if maybe there's a better place to post them than Internet Archive, feel free to post them wherever is more appropriate.



Adventure 1: a sample treasure-hunt mini-adventure

Adventure 2: an expanded version of Adventure 1

Adventure 3: a mountain search for the Wise Man of the Mountains who can help you to find the Fountain of Youth


While these games are meant to demonstrate the techniques described in the book, each is a complete adventure and builds greatly upon the complexity of the previous game. Commands are entered in lowercase. To play, insert "Pascal Adventures.dsk" in Apple II Drive 1 and boot. At the Pascal Welcome screen, enter X to eXecute, then one of the following: README, ADV1, ADV2, ADV3

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This looks really interesting. Thanks for scanning it! I look forward to trying out the adventures.

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