PowerBook G3 Display Isues

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PowerBook G3 Display Isues

Hi, so I have my powerbook G3 Pismo, and the computer turns on, however, There is a solid red line through the display. I've tried rebooting the machine, but it doesn't go away. The display itself doesn't show any sign of damage in that area. I don't know what's going on, does someone know about this?

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If you're lucky, that could

If you're lucky, that could be the cable or the cable connection, which you could try reseating. If you see any change when you move the screen back and forth on the hinge, that's a good sign it's the cable.

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it is most likely a bad

it is most likely a bad solder point on one side or the other of the display ribbon. If you can live with it, unless you are very skilled with soldering, I advise living with it. That, or send it to a technician who knows how to fix this specific type of prolem and pay for that skill; as it is very easy to perma-fry that connection by attempting to repair it. 


Of course, you can try reseating the cables first, ut be very, very gentle with them when doing that, and keep in mind that there are two ends to worry about, and that you may need to open the display, which is itself risky. Try reseating the logic board connection first, if they fails to improve it the rest is your decision. I could happily use a system with that minor an issue but that's me. 


Is Pismo the model with the slightly clear-amber keys? If so, that was the model that I owned when it came out. I have a lot of nostalgia factor for that machine, and for the 'G3 Platinum' (9600 case G3 tower). I ran Rhapsody on the latter. 

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