PPC 3700c Questions

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PPC 3700c Questions

I recently got a PPC 3700c, 180Mhz, 32MB working system. It has OS 9.0 installed. It is all working great.

Looksing at the 3700 Wiki, this system can run OS 9.1. This there any advatage of upgrading one step higher for this particular laptop?

If so, would these be the right ones to use?  here.

If not, where to get the right ones? I only have PC to burn disks.   

Next, would installing a CF card HD be faster the the spinning drive? If so, is there a CF adapter that is better for mac's than PC's? And what type of CF card to use (I know thies internal bios can be differnt from card to card, and brand), and what size?

I googled around and did not find any site that sells upgrades or accesssories for this system, except evilbay. Are there any?

I also know very little bout using mac's. I do not know how to install, reinstall, updrade the OS, keyboard tricks, using the OS, configuring the OS to my liking. Things like that. Any suggestions on site, videos, books, etc.?

I know this is alot of questions. Any input out be most appreciated.





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Apple didn't produce a model

Apple didn't produce a model called the 3700. Perhaps you mean the 3400?

Mac OS 9.2.1 is the last version that model can run. The difference from 9.1 is minimal and not really worth the effort.

I'm not aware of any storefronts that carry accessories or upgrades for that model. New ones aren't being produced any more, so the used market is really the only option.

If you haven't removed the PRAM battery from the computer yet, you will want to do so soon. They leak over time and can damage internal components. The service manual is available online and can walk you through the process; it's not difficult but requires a set of Torx screwdrivers. The machine doesn't generally need the PRAM battery in order to function, though the clock won't keep time without it.

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PPC 3400c Questions

Thanks for the quick reply.

MY Bad !~!

yes I mean 3400c. I tired to edit the topic but the system won't let me now that there is a reply. Well maybe it will attract some attention...

Is there any advantage to 9.2.1 over 9.0 ? The 3400c Wiki here, says only up to 9.1

I did not mean a real brick mortor stores. I was thinking of the those hobbiest run webstores.

(I'm mainly an Atari guy and I can rattle off 5 or 6 websites to get needed parts from VCS's to Falcon's right off the top of my head)

I was think of sites where I could for example  get a PRAM battery replacement. Yes your idea to remove it make good sence. Thanks. Will do ASAP.

I saw a treadown video of this machine. It is not too difficult.



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