ProDOS 2.4 Beta Testing

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ProDOS 2.4 Beta Testing

With my last post, this topic came up so I thought
I would do a separate post for this as I when I
raised this topic not many people knew about it.

Note: Don't assume what you know that someone else does!!!

John Brooks is Beta testing ProDOS 2.4 and if you contact
him he is willing to let you test it out.

I built ProDOS 2.4 RC1 today and sent it to volunteers for testing.

Notes on new features (1-6 are same as Beta1):
1) All ProDOS functions are now 6502 code except /RAM, 80 col quit, GS clock, & GSOS quit
2) Apple ][, ][+, and un-enhanced //e compatible
3) Fixed aux-mem test at 01/0400 which caused a flashing period on ][ & ][+
4) Greeting text and LC error text converts from lower to upper case if CPU==6502
5) Tested on emulators to run on ][+ and IIGS
6) Can be copied to system folder and renamed to P8 to use with GSOS
7) SystemDeath message system added at LC bank 2, $D001-$D04F
Dirol Minor size and space optimizations to fit SysDeath + 6502 without increasing the file size

Known issues:

Twitter: @JBrooksBSI
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Here's the link for further reading.!topic/comp.sys.apple2.programmer/jrrb-F2prYI