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Hi all,

I recently acquired a RAMKEEPER for an Apple IIgs. It came without the external power supply (wall wart) or the gel-cell battery. I'm wondering if I can use a generic wall wart to power the board when the IIgs is powered down. Would anyone have the specs for it? There's a photo of one in the online documentation but the specs are unreadable. Thanks in advance!


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Much better PDF's can be

Much better PDF's can be found here http://ae.applearchives.com/apple_iigs/ramkeeper/. Anyway here's the specs

So look for a wall wart that is at least 9v dc or at max 10v dc with the jack wired as this , this picture should be on the power supply, and I'm pretty sure you need the battery for the card, its most-likely used as a power supply filter.

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