Reaching my Mac, from the internet, through another computer.

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Reaching my Mac, from the internet, through another computer.

I am looking to help on how to access my Mac(s) over the internet from anywhere other than home. 



(caveat empter: the names of IPs and computers have been changed to protect the innocent...)

* HomeServer is connected to HomeRouter and has a fixed IP address of 192.x.y.z. 

* HomeRouter has a public IP address of a.b.c.d.  I have full access/control of this device.  I have assigned an IPPassthorugh for HomeServer on its fixed IP address.  I have also opened up the following ports:

+ 32400 (for Plex Media Server)

+ 22 (SSH Server)

+ 5900, 5800, 5500 (VNC)

DesktopComputer is also connected to HomeRouter and has an address of 192.e.f.g.


Using Finder (Command+K) I can connect to HomeServer from "anywhere_I want" on MyTravelingLaptop, using the address "afp://user@a.b.c.d".  Upon entering the password for "user", I can see the shares on HomeServer.  But I want to connect to DesktopComputer as well.


What do I need to do to connect (via Finder) to DesktopComputer from MyTravelingLaptop?  Since the purpose is to access folder systems on these computers (vice screen sharing), could/should I have HomeServer mount a volume share for each computer I wish to access?  (If so, I need help on that since I tried and failed doing just that...)


I can already manage my network using RealVNC but this only applies to computers with VNCServer installed.  Only select computers have this installed and it does not give me Finder-level access to said computers.