Remanufactured Gold LM323k Apple I

Recreation of the National Semiconductor LM323k with 24k gold base. The core for this process is an actual NS LM323k, but of a more recent vintage in Steel.

The base was cleaned using 000 steel wool. The original date and National logo were removed using 2000 grit wet sand paper.

I used a disposable "penny" pen 24k electroplating system that is good for about an hour worth of plating. The 24k gold solution should be good for about 3 months before it expires, so I may make a few more for some friends Wink

The final logo/labeling artwork was created by my 11 year old son and viewing a close up picture sent to me by an Apple I owner.

The logo was transferred using "wax" hard surface laser paper and an iron. It took a few attempts to get a clean transfer. After each failed attempt I removed the logo with 2000 grit wet sand paper and let it cool before trying again.

After each transfer, successful or not, I would test the LM323k using a breadboard, a 9v battery, a couple of capacitors and a volt meter.

This is my final result...



Here is the new better artwork...

Old on left, new on right....