RIP Steve Jobs

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RIP Steve Jobs

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Steve Jobs died yesterday from Pancreatic Cancer. Not a good way to go. He was only 3 years older than I am. I wonder how things might have gone with Apple if Jobs hadn't hated the Apple II computer so much? Would those of us now using Macs possibly be using an 32 or 64 bit descendant of the Apple II line that might have built in backward compatibility to our original beloved II?

The other question now is how will Apple do without Jobs Reality Distortion Field affecting how people see Apple?


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Re: RIP Steve Jobs

In fact this is the most interesting question to me. On the one hand I am fearing Apple's (what I would call it) "development creativity" throwing them back into a state comparable to the one of the nineties. On the other hand I am fearing that it doesn't matter at all. I am fearing that Wallstreet and others now can -> easier <- take influence on Apple. Most of the consumers out there will have to accept the fact that Jobs never can be replaced. This is the trouble of all so called "heroes" out there: they are not interchangeable. But most of the humans out there need a person of identification, they fear the search for a new one and Apple always needed one of those personalities like Jobs. Apple is personality lived by their CEOs and else.
I always was afraid of those Apple users that tended to see in Jobs something he could never be (being a human, not a god). Losing "your" god always mixes up pretty much everything of your own believe. I was sad when John Lennon was shot. I am sad that Jobs had to die quite early. But one will have to accept things that do happen.

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Re: RIP Steve Jobs

The "two Steves" (Jobs & Wozniak) are probably single-handedly repsonsible
for bringing the computer into everyone's daily lives! Yes, IBM and others
made more and did a few things differently, but if it weren't for Jobs & Co.
we wouldn't have them in our homes, schools and offices like we do today.

Steve Jobs was truly an icon for the technological ages. He will be missed
more than most people realize! Most of the ideas at Apple were Jobs'. Now he
is gone and so is the creative genius that was him.

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Re: RIP Steve Jobs


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Re: RIP Steve Jobs

R.I.P Steve. and don't worry, I think steve learned from leaving(being pushed from) apple, he's positioned 'his' people in key areas in the company, he wasn't an idiot (co-founder of the worlds most valuable computer company, you don't achieve that by being an idiot) he will have secured apple's future.

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Re: RIP Steve Jobs

I was in a Five Guys, my apple hating buddy gets a call, he looks at me with profound saddness and tells me the news. Even he was taken aback.

I've got the beatles on in his honor. Steve, you had a profound effect on all of us. Without you this community wouldn't even exist. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that he was like a friend to us all.

RIP Steve, you will be missed. Sad

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Re: RIP Steve Jobs

Here is my personal tribute to Steve Jobs!

Also available as youtube clip:

PS: Can anyone tell me how to get the image displayed in the post?

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