Running Downloaded Disk Images on IIGS

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Running Downloaded Disk Images on IIGS

I recently acquired an Apple IIGS and installed a ReactiveMicro MicroDrive Turbo.  Since then I've been attempting to download software from the Internet and get it onto the IIGS to run it natively on its hardware.


After some struggles, I've gotten to the point to where I can put disk images on a partition using CiderPress.  I've put both 2MG and ShrinkIt images on the drive.  Back on the Apple IIGS, I've been able to extract the ShrinkIt images into their own directory on a volume.  However, that is where my progress ends.  When I actually attempt to run programs, I am greeted with an error or lockup. 


For instance, I tried to get Pipe Dream running and was excited to see a LucasFilm logo when executing the app from Bitsy Bye, but it quickly froze and became unresponsive.  Launching the application from GS/OS seems to just cause the computer to restart.


I am hoping this community will have some tips on getting software running on native hardware on a mass storage device, like the MicroDrive Turbo.  If you have a reference to a site/video that explains the process, I would gladly take that!  (My searches have not been fruitful.)   Also, if you know that what I am trying to do is a fools errand because you cannot run software this way, then please let me know that too. (Though, I suspect it is because the MicroDrive comes preloaded with a nice selection of software.)