Running games on IIGS

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Running games on IIGS

Do Apple II games run under GSOS? I have a selection of .dsk, .2mg and .po images on an SD card that I can access with UniSDisk. GSOS has also been loaded from UniSDisk.
I can change images while in GSOS and selected image is shown as disk in desktop.

How Apple II games in general are executed? I don't have a real floppy drive for my IIGS.

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Re: Running games on IIGS

Standard Apple II games run under either DOS 3.3 or PRODOS 8, which will already be on the disk with the game. All you have to do is boot the disk image to run the game. I see by looking at the UniSDisk page it will emulate either two 5.25 disk drives or 4 Smart Port drives, so all you have to do is mount the disk images in either Slot 6 Drive 1 or Slot 5 drive 1, depending on whether they end in .dsk or .po for slot 6, or .2mg for slot 5 (or even slot 7 if the image is a hard disk image). That shouls be all you need to do to play any Apple II game.

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Re: Running games on IIGS

Hello Protek,

just one other thing to keep in mind too...:

Quite a bunch of Games have been distributed with different sorts of
software/hardware protection..... so it´s dependent also to "the source" where
the game was transfered/ or who converted it to a .DSK image....

If the person who performed the conversion isn´t familiar enough with
such protection shemes, there is also a big chance that a bad copy resulted
from the conversion.....

just for example:

If the protection sheme works with half track steps - and the person isn´t
familiar with the procedures ( first to deprotect such a disk ) and tries to
make a .DSK image by "uploading" to a PC with ADTpro - ADTpro will try to read
the full tracks and after several attempts, either take the "best guess" or
issue a "errormessage" by indicating with a X-mark the error read - but it will
continue the task, till every full track has been meaningly transferred to the
.DSK image - and maybe issue the message: task completed with errors...

If such an Image was uploaded to a archive or website that .DSK image
bears high chance to be unusable...

It would cover several pages to explain all the kinds of protection shemas
and the resulting risks of making bad .DSK images .... Reliable .DSK images
require previously the performance of removal of the protection system,
- before starting to convert...

At least the summary of this short explenation:
Don´t be disappointed if the one or other .DSK image crashes or if the computer
or emulation gets stuck while starting such bad image.... it´s just proof,
that a lot of guys even today didn´t "waste" some time in learning about
that protection systems and therefor performed errors while making such
a .DSK image due to the fact that they didn´t know what they were dealing
with - and how to handle... or with the famous words: "shit happens...."


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Re: Running games on IIGS

Thanks for the info guys! Have to try them tomorrow.

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