Sacrilege- Apple II Rev 0 Running CPM 3.0

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Sacrilege- Apple II Rev 0 Running CPM 3.0

Hi-Res Version of Pic

I finally got it going...
CPM is really picky about the cards in your system and what slot they are in (i.e. Serial in Slot 2). But the trick on a Rev 0 (without auto-start ROM, auto-reset doesn't matter) is that ALS "The CPM Card" can only reside in Slot 7. Any other slot it doesn't like, none of my other cards care (I even run a RamEx 16k card and a Apple ROM card at the same time). My Rev 4 Apple II supports other slots for CPM (4&5 even though only 4 should work) anyway...

Kinda cool running a 6 MHZ Z80 in an old Apple II.


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Re: Sacrilege- Apple II Rev 0 Running CPM 3.0

I love your set up, looks great! Nice to see a rev 0 in use. Running my z80 card is nice, it's allowed me so much more freedom to run CPM based software. I'm still searching for a PC transporter so I can run MSDOS.

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Re: Sacrilege- Apple II Rev 0 Running CPM 3.0

The peripheral BUS on the rev 0, is slightly different than later rev motherboards. I think one or two of the peripheral pins are bussed to all slots on the rev 0 and not on later revisions. I can't remember details offhand, but it could account for some slot dependent issues, not seen in later revisions.

Mike Willegal

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