For Sale: Applied Engineering Z-Ram Ultra 1 (***SOLD***)

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For Sale: Applied Engineering Z-Ram Ultra 1 (***SOLD***)
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Hey Guys, Looking to sell a Z-Ram Ultra 1 from an Apple IIc


Ill be honest and say I don't know what this thing is worth if anything, I cant find much documentation on it outside of PDF's of the manual.


It has 16x D41256c - 15 NEC 32k Ram Chips in sockets so I am guessing its a 512 KB ram expander


I picked up a non-working Apple IIC and found this when taking it apart.

This inserts inbetween the MMU and CPU Sockets, I don't have a way of testing the unit but it appears to be in good condition without any rust or corrosion. 


Feel free to PM me with offers if interested, or feel free to tell me what i have is worthless =).


I am located in Milwaukee, WI 

As far as references go I am fairly new here, but I have an Ebay / Mercari profile. 


Mike L.



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I don't have a //c, but if I

I don't have a //c, but if I did I'd defimitely want that.  So I think it is highly saleable.


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