SCSI-3 external drive on a classic Mac

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SCSI-3 external drive on a classic Mac

Hi all,

I have an external SCSI-3 (HD68 68 pin connectors) that I want to hook up to my Mac Plus (DB25 connector)

Fisrstly, and before I buy a cable, is this even possible? 

The cable I am looking at is like this : 



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Hmm.. I know that you could



I know that you could use SCSI-2 drives, but I am unsure on SCSI-3. It would depend on if the drive's analogue board supports legacy modes.


In any case, System 6 and Sysyem 7 will both give you hell if your SCSI mech is not an Apple branded drive, using the normal disk utilities. 


Is the drive in an external enclosure now? You can also procure adapters for the mechanism itself:




The worst case is that it simply does not work, and you are out £34, although, the ribbon adapters (above) are about 1/4 of that cost, at around £8. 

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