scsi4sd question

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scsi4sd question

Hello everybody


I bought a scsi2sd stuff these days. I use it and meet some question. So ask every fans


Does this stuff can directly install is from cdrom?? This motherboard can recognize it and format sd card??


that is sd card can accept compress format??how to create it??

Hope can get answer from us 


thank you 

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Which Macintosh computer are you using?

Which Macintosh computer are you using? I have a scsi2sd card running in my Mac SE/30. I believe you need to install the scsi2sd card and format for your version Mac OS then use floppy disk iimages to install your desired Mac OS. In my case, I installed Mac OS version 7.1

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It depends on your device. 

It depends on your device. 


An actual scsi2sd has a config utility to set parameters on the device for how the SD card is seen by the scsi host and what blocks of the SD show up as a hard drive. The Mac can and will format and use said hard drive(s) normally. 


The newer devices like the ZuluSCSI use disk image files on a FAT32 or exFAT SD card. The file name of the disk image determines how the SCSI host sees it, i.e. hd0.img is scsi ID 0 and will act as a hard drive. You can use preformatted images with these with relative ease, where a SCSI2SD would require raw copy to the correct sectors. 


Both have their advantages, SCSI2SD is no longer made. 

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