Selling Apple II cards in ebsy

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Selling Apple II cards in ebsy

Hi all,

I just list the following for auction in ebsy:

Below are what will be included in this auction:

1 Sweet Micro - Mocking Board
1 Wesper Micro Wizard-16K Memory Card
1 California Computer Systems, Model 7710, Serial Card
1 Apple, Super Serial Card II
1 ALF Music Card (with manual)
1 Apple Paddles (pin broken, but repairable)
1 TG Products Joystick
1 Orange Micro, Grappler Interface
2 Echo II speech synthesizer Card w/ 2 speakers (manuals & disks)
1 Apple 80 Column/64K card
Thunderclock plus card (with manuals)

Sorry I need to sell them as a lot, as I am not always around to ship them one by one..