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Does anyone know where I can download or purchase Shrinkit? I need it to unzip disk images to transfer to my IIGS. I guess I need the MAC version or maybe MAC
and IIGS

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Re: Shrinkit

Easiest path:
PC to MAC still archive transferred by ADT : then connect common HFS partition to GS
and extract there with GSversion of Unshrink and then move to GS partition of Disk.

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Re: Shrinkit

It is on the Apple site free to download.

Good luck.

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Re: Shrinkit

If you need it on a disk, you can get it here:

If you have the ability to unzip and transfer a program to your Apple IIgs from a local machine somehow then you can get the executable here:

There used to be a way to get it from comp.binaries.apple2 that started with a text file that contained a BASIC program that you needed to EXEC to create a version of Binscii. You could then get the version of GS Shrinkit in that comp.binaries.apple2 encoded format and decode it with the Binscii.
Unfortunately, I didn't find these files during a brief search on

If you want to extract shrinkit format files on a Mac, you can use Kelvin's Shrink-Fit-X program


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