'snake' game on Apple II

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'snake' game on Apple II

When I was in primary school in the 80's, we had Apple IIe's and Apple IIc's and I spent many hours during recess and lunch hours playing games and typing in basic programs from books. I recall a game where you were a line moving down the screen and could move left and right and had to dodge obstacles. It was a text mode game and the obstacles were '*' characters that scrolled up from the bottom of the screen. From what I remember the game was called snake and was only a few lines long when you listed it.

I have been trying to find this game to replay it in an emulator but any references to games called snake are usually to those sorta tron-style games where you move up, down, left, right eating dots and getting longer each time, but this is not the game I remember.

Just wondering if anybody else remembers this game and can shed some light and maybe even show me where I could get a copy.